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About Sheila

I am Sheila Chitanie, certified Zen Shiatsu therapist. I came into contact with shiatsu through a previous employer. I was so impressed by the beneficial effect of the bodywork that a few weeks later I was in the dojo for a 10-week introduction. Good start of spring. The following fall I started the four-year HBO at the Zen Shiatsu Training. Shiatsu is a gentle approach for psychosomatic complaints that you cannot always put into words. The subtle touch can have a profound effect and that's what attracted me. Towards the end of the course I started to focus on BIPOC.

Sheila kijkt in de camera en lacht met haar tanden bloot. Ze heeft haar armen over elkaar. Sheila is een Bruine vrouw met zwarte krullen. Ze staat tussen het groen van struiken. Sheila draagt een blauwe katoenen duster met zakken.
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